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The place where pre-made custom tattoo designs meets the customer

How do we work?

Search your next design

You can search Tattoo Catalogues by location, price, recommended placement or theme of your design.

Reserve your design

Once you will find the right design for your next tattoo by the artist you really admire, simply reserve it and you will automatically get in touch with artist to schedule your appointment.

Get tattooed

Your artist will simply accept your order, confirm the design details then an appointment will be set up for you to be tattooed.

What is your favourite tattoo style?

We have made sure that finding your next tattoo is as easy as possible. Simply choose the style you are interested in and check what designs ready for grabs have been prepared by various artists.

Where would you like to get your tattoo?

You can search for your next tattoo design through Tattoo Catalogues by location as well. Simply type your post code or enter the name of the city you want to get tattooed in to find out pre made designs are available in your chosen location.

Information for artists

Fill out our online registration form

We only allow professionals to present their designs to grab on Tattoo Catalogues. Fill out our registration form and let our team confirm your details.

Create your profile

After acceptation from our team, you will be able to create your artist profile and upload all of your available designs to grab.

Register today

Book more customers

When customer expresses an interest in being tattooed by you and reserves your custom pre made design, you will be notified by Tattoo Catalogues to contact your customer in order schedule the tattoo appointment.

Why choose Tattoo Catalogues?

Tattoo Catalogues has been created by professionals working in the industry for over a decade. We have implemented several key features specially designed to sensitively protect both the customer and artist. Our booking and appointment making system speeds up booking process. We only approve artist registration to professional artists. Customers can only leave a review of the artist after purchasing a design from them, before releasing funds both sides has to confirm the payment to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding.

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