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How it works

Are you looking to get new tattoo? 

Simply visit the main page and tell us what are you looking to get. You can search for available designs by various elements including Theme, Location and Placement. (i.e Music theme on forearm in Scotland will show you only designs available matching all three criteria) 

How to pay? 

We accept card and Paypal payments. 

Are you an artist looking to get more customers? 

Sign up to our platform, verify your account with our team - we are only accepting studios/artists who are licensed in United Kingdom. After submitting your documents your account will be ready within 24 hours. Update your settings and set up how you would like to be paid. Upload your designs and start conversations with your new customers. 

Can the designs be double booked? 

Absolutely not, when we created we listened carefully to a lot of artists and we've made the transaction process as good as it can be. Once a customer picks up your design and pays for it - you need to approve the transaction. So if you perhaps sell your design via your own Instagram and someone purchases the same design on before you’ve had the chance to update your profile, simply reject the offer and the customer will be refunded immediately. 

 When is the customer charged for the design? 

The customer is charged for the tattoo before the first message is sent to you, so as artists you are talking to clients who have funds to pay for the tattoo - no more 'yes, I will pop in with my deposit after the weekend'. Once the artist sets up the date of the appointment and customer is happy with everything the funds are going directly to the artist. 

How much does it cost? 

TattooCatalogues is of course free to use for customers, and there is only a 3% transaction fee (or £5 minimum) for designs sold on our platform.